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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

It was time to take an audit of my books. How many do I still read? Do I need them any more? I began making a little pile of old favourites and came across a torn and dusty copy of 'The Wind In the Willows' that someone had given me long ago. Somehow I couldn't part with it. As I put it back, I thought about the water rat I had observed in the park a few weeks ago. I just spotted it as I was wandering around the path and it was scurrying along the bank of the little brook. It scrambled into its hole and turned round just near to me. It observed me from its shelter and didn't seem too worried if I took a photo. I moved away and a couple of dog walkers greeted each other. As they chatted one of the dogs decided to explore and went in for a paddle. Would it sniff out the rat? It splashed around for a while and snuffled about but came out without any evidence of great interest so I am guessing all was well with Ratty. It may be that the rat in the story was really a water vole and I don't think I have seen a vole of any sort.

Perhaps I should re read 'Wind in the Willows now its back on the bookshelf....

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