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Not a Rat Photographer - honestly

Am I moving from becoming a headshot and portrait photographer of people to a photographer of rats? No, really no but...

Where there are people who feed birds, it seems there are also rats. Lots of them. I went to the nature reserve to see what I could see. There were plenty of bluetits, sparrows, a dunlin, a robin and all the usual visitors. I was determined to catch a photo of a blue tit flying. I did get one but not perfect by a long way. Beneath the bird feeders where the friendly robin used to hop about for fallen scraps there they were a again - a colony of rats. These ones looked shiny and healthy, not bedraggled and muddy from nose to tail, like the ones by the pond. A bold pioneer made its way up the post, with such a look of longing as it reached towards the cage of peanuts. Determination and effort did not win the day, it just didn't quite have the reach. A woodpecker flew in with a glory of colours and the rat could only wait and hope to catch a fallen scrap. I think, from the size of it, there wasn't t a shortage.

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