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From Barling

We decided to have a wander by the water in Barlingford Creek last week. All was clear and still and we set off in peace, enjoying the silence. Suddenly two dogs appeared in the distance bounding along as fast as they could. They charged past us, no sign of their people. While one disappeared around the corner the other turned back and was soon jumping up at us. She was shaking and almost clinging on. We gave her lots of fuss and talked calmly to her but she couldn't stop trembling. We found the tag with her name and a phone number. Just as we put in the number we heard some whistling and calling. Two people came into view. and the dog ran to them. It was decided that the other dog should know where to go and all would be well. There had been lots of gunshots which had sent them racing off and out of sight. Later we heard the gunshots ourselves, so strange in the stillness of the late afternoon. On the way back it was amusing to see birds perched along the top of the boat mast, like a flag. Everywhere so still and beautiful and then, more gunshots.

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