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Ballet of the Birds

I had finished my photography for the day and was walking home along the seafront when I was attracted to a wave of blackheaded gulls that began to circle around and then whoosh out and circle again. It wasn't quite as dense as a murmuration of starlings but it was much closer. I had put my camera away and had the completely wrong lens but I essentially did a point and click to try to catch it. Mostly I just watched as the gulls swirled above and around me. It was exhilarating but I could not think of a way to translate this into a static medium. Even a film wouldn't have done it, possibly a 3d headset experience but even then you couldn't get the air on your face or feel the wings above you. So was there any point in trying to take a photo? Should you sometimes let that go and enjoy the moment? Of course you should but I love taking photos so I tried to do both.

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