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Nature Every Day


In and around Southend

When I was a child a teacher once asked us to write about our hobbies. I wrote a piece about being with animals. After reading it she told me I meant looking after animals. I was somewhat perplexed by this and insisted that I didn't look after any animals. At the time I didn't have any pets and just quite liked the company of visiting wildlife. I was too young to realise that I probably seemed a bit odd - well they say it takes all sorts.


It is wonderful to see the return to Britain of birds such as red kites. I believe it is important to remember that they were killed in the past because they were seen as unwelcome pests.  Today there are some creatures we value and others that tend to be regarded with a measure of hostility. Gulls are an example - amazing masters of their environment they are doing their best to adapt to living along side humans. I am developing a series of panels and portraits celebrating the familiar wild and not so wild life that we see around us.

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